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Two objectives, two research questions, and two hypotheses guided the study. A correlation research design was employed to determine the extent of the relationship between the variables. The population of the study was youths within the age range of 18-32 in FCT. A Non-probability sampling technique by opportunity sampling was used to sample 500 young individuals within the age range of 18-32 from major motor parks and markets in Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), and some parts of Gwagwalada Area Council. Motor Parks such as Jabi motor park, Area One motor park, Nyanya motor park, and Zuba motor park were selected. While Utako ultra-modern market, Garki model market, Wuse market, and Gwagwlada main market were equally selected for the study. A Pearson Product Moment Correlation analysis was the main statistic used for data analysis. The instrument for the collection of data was a self-structured questionnaire, validated by experts at the University of Abuja. The results from the analysis show that there is a significant relationship between family dysfunction and a high rate of drug abuse among youths in the Federal Capital Territory, it equally revealed that there is a significant relationship between parental role abdication and a high rate of drug abuse among youths in the Federal Capital Territory. It was recommended that the Federal Capital Territory Administration should make marriage counseling compulsory for prospective married couples and establish six major offices specifically for counseling within the six area councils in FCT also, families should be guided and equipped with the different types of parenting styles. The Federal Capital Territory Administration in collaboration with the federal government should equally enact stringent laws and penalties if need be for Parental role abdication and drug abuse with strict enforcement, or the existing laws should be strictly enforced.</p> Gidado, Bello Kumo, DIFFANG, Abel Dayo ##submission.copyrightStatement## Fri, 02 Jun 2023 13:02:11 +0000 GENDERED EMOTIONALITY: ASPECTS OF POWER, GENDER AND EMOTION AS IN RICH LIKE US AND WILD SWANS <p>Despite the extensive research on Emotion and Emotional Intelligence, little is known about the social perspective of gendered emotionality. Though plenty of research has been conducted, which studies the emotional differences between men and women, the role of emotional regulation of the genders in societal integrity is hardly studied. Thus, fore-grounded in the emotion and gender theories, this paper derives an overall image from the literature that discusses the possibility of rational gender emotions in acquiring an integrated individual self. Rediscovering some of the stereotyped perspective of emotion<br>expressions with respect to gender, the paper is further an examination of the analysis and critique of the characters from the novels ‘Rich Like Us’ by Nayantara Sahgal and ‘Wild Swans’ by Jung Chang. As the stories add nuance to our understanding of an experience during a political crisis, the violence at the nations’ yields to the complicated self of the public and their social relationships. To illustrate their emotional function, the paper studies six characters from the novels in specific, analysing the stronger gender emotions. The unconscious dimensions of felt emotional experience thereby determine if the ‘weaker sex’ is weak or strong in establishing an integrated self and society.</p> Dr. Syndhya. J, Dr. Stars Jasmine ##submission.copyrightStatement## Fri, 02 Jun 2023 13:42:58 +0000 LEGAL PROTECTION OF HOMEWORK WORKERS CASE STUDY AT PT. COALINDO ADHIPERKASA BATUAH ENERGY PRIMA KUTAI KARTANEGARA PROJECT <p>The research aims to determine the form of legal protection for workers laid off due to project closures and the legal remedies that workers can take due to the non-fulfillment of the rights of workers laid off from the case study at PT. Coalindo Adhi Perkasa BatuahEnergy PrimaKutaiKartanegara Project.The research was conducted from March to April 2023 at PT Coalindo Adhi Perkasa BatuahEnergi Prima Project, KutaiKartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.The results of the study show that the legal protection provided by the Company by laid-off workers does not entirely refer to the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations; however, the Company and workers alike, in this case, agree on the contents of the agreement by the Civil Code, namely that the workers are willing to be paid for as long as laid off, which is 50% (fifty percent) of the basic salary and is not by the provisions of the Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 36 of 2021 concerning Wages and efforts to resolve industrial relations disputes can be taken if the worker does not get his rights by the Employer will be carried out by way of a request for termination of employment, demands for compensation, bipartite negotiations, mediation or industrial relations courts.</p> Ony Rosifany, Tri Andayani Rahayu, . Sukindar ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 06 Jun 2023 06:19:23 +0000 RUSSIA’S WAR MAXIM AND PARANOID PARALLELISM <p><em>The international system is gradually sliding into another form of war. This study interrogates the national tendencies and personal idiocies at play when a major power and a global power involved in the Cold War, the US and Russia (the substance of the collapsed Soviet Union) are again engaged in a simmering altercation capable of leading to a ‘Colder War’ a la KatusaMarin. The paper discusses the fragility of the system’s fundamentals and the behavioral latitude of the actors’ traction and energies towards strategic cooperation. The objective of the study is to draw attention to the operational inadequacies in the international system whose basic function is to guide the world in shaping a global order that will engender peace and stability among the various state actors and non-state actors. Unfortunately, some of the actors within the system have exploited the abstraction of the system for their benefit by appropriating its vital mechanics through sublime and egotistic substitution of roles. The study then submits that the endless parallelisms animating the constant conflicts between the two powers and their allies within the system will not abate until the actors see peace as an obligation they owe humanity. The pursuit of personal desires by leaders via simulated national interest is a major albatross to an international system created to stimulate global peace and promote stability.</em></p> Dr. Dapo Thomas ##submission.copyrightStatement## Fri, 09 Jun 2023 11:17:12 +0000