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This paper stem from a post-graduate thesis that was self-sponsored, all procedures performed were in accordance with ethical standard. The population of the study consists of one hundred and fifty-three (153) women's owned registered enterprises in the Metropolis. The study employed a stratified random sampling technique to select the sample as a cohort to accommodate and provide a fair representation of different strata in the population. Thus, one hundred and fifty-three owners of enterprises were administered questionnaires, of which 101 were completed and retrieved. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data. The findings reveal that culture has a significant influence on women's entrepreneurship activities in the study area, and some cultural barriers deter women from exploiting their entrepreneurial potential. The study recommends that the government implement policies aimed at reducing cultural influence on women's enterprise activities, thereby providing an enabling environment that supports women's involvement in entrepreneurship activities in the area. Similarly, support from husbands/guardians of women through financial and moral motivations encourages them to engage in business ventures.</p> Ibrahim S Muhammad Umar Usman Tsamiya Muhammad Sabir Ibrahim ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-03-15 2023-03-15 6 02 01 10 10.5281/zenodo.7736720 Effect of Child Upbringing and Husband Support on Spousal Adjustments of Women in South-South, Nigeria <p>This study sought to investigate if there was any effect of child upbringing and husband support on the spousal adjustment of married women in southern Nigeria. Two (2) research questions were raised and two (2) hypotheses guided the study. An ex-post facto research design was employed in this study. A total sample of 1,582 married women was selected through a multi-stage sampling procedure as a sample size from an estimated population of 3, 346, 632 married women from the southern part of the country as stated in the 2015 Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) register. Findings revealed that a significant positive relationship existed between child upbringing and Spousal adjustment of married women in southern Nigeria. It was recommended amongst others that the government, married couples, intending couples, and society at large,&nbsp; should be enlightened on the importance of spousal adjustment in facilitating harmonious family life and by extension, proper societal functioning.</p> OKOGI Anthony EGWU, Grace Ifeoma EFE, Carol EMORDI, Joy Ebele ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-03-15 2023-03-15 6 02 11 21 10.5281/zenodo.7737200