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Vol 6 No 07 (2023): GPH - International Journal of Health Sciences and Nursing

Dear Author/Reader(s),

We are delighted to present the latest issue of the GPH - International Journal of Health Sciences and Nursing, marking yet another milestone in our journey of advancing knowledge in the fields of health sciences and nursing. As the Editor-in-Chief, it is my privilege to introduce this compilation of diverse and groundbreaking research, which showcases the remarkable efforts of esteemed scholars, researchers, and practitioners from around the globe.

In this issue, we have curated an exceptional selection of articles that cover a wide spectrum of topics in health sciences and nursing, embracing both clinical and non-clinical aspects of the disciplines. Our mission has always been to foster multidisciplinary collaboration and promote the exchange of ideas, and this collection epitomizes our commitment to advancing the frontiers of healthcare knowledge.

**Featured Articles:**

**Key Themes:**

This issue spans a wide range of captivating themes, including but not limited to:
- Advances in Clinical Nursing Practice
- Innovative Healthcare Technologies and their Impact
- Public Health Initiatives and Policy Developments
- Mental Health and Wellbeing Interventions
- Healthcare Ethics and Patient-Centered Care
- Chronic Disease Management and Prevention
- Health Education and Promotion Strategies
- Nursing Leadership and Professional Development

**Message from the Editorial Team:**

At GPH, we believe that quality research is the foundation of positive change in the healthcare landscape. Our rigorous peer-review process ensures that the articles published in this journal have undergone critical evaluation by experts in the respective fields. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated reviewers for their invaluable contributions in maintaining the journal's high standards.

**Call for Submissions:**

As we embark on this new edition, we invite researchers, academicians, and practitioners to contribute their original research, reviews, and case studies for our forthcoming issues. Your work will play a pivotal role in advancing the frontiers of health sciences and nursing, and we eagerly await your submissions.


The success of this journal is a testament to the hard work and dedication of numerous individuals - our esteemed editorial board members, the tireless reviewers, the committed authors, and the diligent production team. We express our deepest appreciation for their unwavering support in making this publication possible.

Once again, I extend my sincere thanks to all contributors and readers for their continuous support. Together, we will continue to shape the future of healthcare through cutting-edge research and innovation.

Wishing you an enriching and enlightening reading experience!


GPH - International Journal of Health Sciences and Nursing
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Published: 2023-07-29
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Welcome to the GPH - International Journal of Health Sciences and Nursing!

Discover the forefront of healthcare research and nursing practices through our esteemed peer-reviewed journal. At GPH, we are committed to advancing the fields of Health Sciences and Nursing by providing a platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to share their valuable insights and groundbreaking discoveries.

Why Choose GPH?

1. Rigorous Peer Review: We uphold the highest standards of academic excellence. All submitted manuscripts undergo a meticulous peer-review process conducted by experts in the respective fields. This ensures that only the most significant and innovative research makes its way into our journal.

2. Multidisciplinary Focus: GPH is a hub for a diverse range of topics within Health Sciences and Nursing. We encourage submissions covering a wide spectrum of specialties, including but not limited to medical research, public health, nursing practice, healthcare management, and allied health sciences.

3. Open Access: We believe in the power of knowledge dissemination and, therefore, operate on an open access model. This means that all published articles are freely accessible to researchers, healthcare professionals, and the public worldwide, fostering global collaboration and advancement in healthcare.

4. Timely Publications: At GPH, we value the importance of time in the ever-evolving field of health sciences. Our editorial team ensures that accepted articles are promptly published online, enabling swift dissemination of the latest findings to the scientific community.

5. Global Outreach: As an international journal, GPH proudly reaches a vast readership across continents. Our contributors hail from different corners of the world, enriching the journal with diverse perspectives and insights.

6. Supporting Emerging Scholars: We are committed to nurturing the next generation of researchers and practitioners. GPH provides a welcoming platform for students, early-career researchers, and professionals to showcase their work and contribute to the advancement of health sciences and nursing.

Submission Guidelines:

GPH invites original research articles, review papers, case studies, and short communications in the fields of Health Sciences and Nursing. All submissions must adhere to the journal's guidelines, which can be found on our website.

Join us on our journey to unravel the complexities of healthcare and nursing, striving for better patient outcomes and improved global health. Whether you are a researcher, academician, clinician, or student, GPH welcomes you to be a part of this enriching exchange of knowledge.

Stay tuned with GPH - International Journal of Health Sciences and Nursing for the latest updates, research highlights, and thought-provoking insights that drive the future of healthcare.

GPH - International Journal of Health Sciences and Nursing