TSH Correlation between thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) in Middle-aged with major beta-thalassemia

  • mohammed mahdi Al-Zubaidi Al-Nahrain univercity
  • Khiaria Jaber Tutli Alkhtaua
  • Halah Khalid Ibrahim Al-Sammarraie
Keywords: TSH, HORMONE, VIDAS, B- thalassaemia, Hbaneima, Serum Ferritin


One of the most common endocrine glands problems in cases of beta-thalassemia major are hypothyroidism, and the objective of this study is to assess the status of thyroid hormone stimulating (TSH) has thalassemia major patients ,Thalassemia is an autosomal genetic disease leading to anemia and remains one of the major health problems in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world where malaria is or has been endemic, Beta-thalassemia major is a common inherited hematological disorder in Asia..samples   were  collected  from  Iraqi   individuals  who attended  to the  to Thalassemia Center in Ibn Al- Baladi Hospital  . Approximately 5 ml of human blood(Healthy and Patients) was collected from each  individuals  and  transfer red    into   sterilized  test  tubes . TSH group contains ready to use reagents that have been previously distributed in sealed strips. All steps have been made automatically by testing the immune system diagnostic testing tool (VIDAS) instrument. Fifteen patients control (29 females and 21 males) in this study. The median age was 30-28 years.and 151 patients.number of sample there use in this study were (51 B- thalassaemia,50Hb anima and 50 control ).all sample tested by  Serum ferritin levels were obtained through automated quantitative test for use vidase.

The limits for normal ferritin levels 138-321 in man and 27.15-102 ng/ul in woman . 51 cases of B- thalassaemia, The mean serum ferritin levels in cases of B- thalassaemia  were 9542 + 782 ng/ml while were Serum Ferritin Levels in control  sample 138+323in male and 28-108ng/ml in female. Then conducted this test on patients Hbaneima Where Levels of Serum Ferritin in this patients was 1+80 ng/ml. Age of all  patients in this study were 3day-9year .the patients of  B- thalassaemia were 1-6 year and  p-value was(0.236951)while the age of patient Hbaneima was 1-5 year and p-value was (0.112275).

and Some of the thyroid gland parameters in patients in the ranges of abnormal compared with controls, except for some cases that have levels (TSH) are normal.Exacerbation of thyroid function was observed in 60% of thalassemia patients who studied in middle age



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Author Biographies

mohammed mahdi Al-Zubaidi, Al-Nahrain univercity

Forensic DNA Research and Training Center/ AL- Nahrain University

Khiaria Jaber Tutli Alkhtaua

Ibn Al- Baladi Hospital / Baghdad Health Office /Al Rusafa/ Ministry of Health.

Halah Khalid Ibrahim Al-Sammarraie

Ibn Al- Baladi Hospital / Baghdad Health Office /Al Rusafa/ Ministry of Health


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* Forensic DNA Research and Training Center/ AL- Nahrain University.(corresponding author)/ molecular_fdna@yahoo.com
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